Father Toms wish list.png

Dear parishioners,

Do you like to go shopping? Hunting? Looking for good values? Most of us do. Why? There is something in our hearts that is looking for more, exploring for the hidden and longing for the greatest.

Could it be we’re searching for God? Hungering for Jesus? Trying to make our lives more meaningful? This is what our faith is about – finding the way to the fullness of life here on earth and the way to the greatest reward in Heaven. Jesus is the answer and that is why this year’s stewardship renewal theme is “Encounter Jesus.”

A question for all of us: would we like to encounter Him? I know I would and I certainly hope everyone would. There are many ways to do so, obviously by: Mass, prayer, adoration, Scripture and so many other ways. But how about opening the four doors to God’s grace: Worship, Spiritual Growth, Service and Treasure? If we knew He was right behind a particular door – would we open it? Really? It can be scary – what would He ask of us? Encountering is a choice; we have to do something to encounter Him. Like what? How about taking a chance? Faith tells us we never lose anything by giving to God; trusting in His unfathomable generosity. What have we got to gain? Everything!

As we enter our yearly stewardship renewal, I invite all of us to open our hearts to the many gifts God has in store for us behind the four doors. Encountering Jesus is the secret to life. I thank everyone in advance for your openness. Be not afraid; He’s right there in front of us – all we have to do is open the door!

My prayers are with you,


Fr. Tom Weisbecker

Pastor of St. James Parish