Maryanne Henrichs

“At the beginning of every Mass, after the announcements, we hear, ‘We worship as a community of believers.’ Weekend Mass is just one place our community of believers at St. James can worship God – we are blessed to have so many amazing opportunities to worship. Volunteering is a great form of worship. Sharing that special gift God has given us with our community enables us to see God's love and teachings put into action.  We get to know those in our community and see that no one is ‘ordinary.’ There are many prayer services to attend – Parish Mission, First Act, Holy Week Triduum, PRE Living Stations and Reconciliation services, to name a few.  God is so present, and the services give us the chance to pray, sing, dance, ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, and to reflect on all the wonderful things God has done for us.   For me, worship at St. James gives me happiness, strength, faith, hope and love – can't ask for more.”

Maryann Henrichs

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