The Door of Treasure

We give back to God not because someone has asked us to give or the parish has a new project or an increased budget. We give back to God, first and foremost, because of our need to give. Our need to give back in gratitude for all we’ve been given. Tithing was part of the faith of our ancestors and remains a part of our faith today. We’re encouraged to give back to God a portion of the financial blessings He makes possible in our lives.

How much to give? The tithe is 10 percent of our gross income, and the Church asks that half of that tithe (5 percent) go to the parish, 1 percent to the archdiocese and 4 percent to other charities. At St. James, a simple formula tells us what that 5 percent level is for each of us -- $1 per week for every $1,000 of gross income. Those who make $30,000 a year would give $30 a week. If $50,000 a year, then $50 per week, and so on.

As you consider your commitment this year, think about taking a step in faith by increasing your gift at least 1 percentage point. If you’re at 1 percent, think about moving to 2 percent … if you’re at 3 percent, pray about moving to 4 percent.

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